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: Jo Pilgrim

People planning, workforce development, organograms, development, delivery, sustainability …wow, where do you start in your organisation? What does it all mean? 

I’ve spent some time thinking this through, these words, these plans, these clever strategies… and muddled my head with it, in fact, last night I dreamed about underspend, training, writing and, you got it, people.

Let’s start with you.  

You, because you matter, how are you? Are you keeping up with the overall strategy, the local one, the micro one, have you linked the stuff together, are you making a difference, can you evaluate, are you working to your strengths?  

That’s a lot of pressure.  

Are you making enough time to stay well, see your family, play golf, walk in the park? 

More pressure. 

There’s not enough time in my week, I’m doing it all badly. 

Feeling the pressure. 

Let’s see if we can change this culture for a better one… 


People work best able to think, create, be listened to, and be validated. Wherever you are in your organisation, you play your part, and it makes a difference. Yesterday, my team had a deadline to hit, I reviewed the document, someone sorted the diagrams, another mocked up the website, and someone else pulled it together, it was a win-win moment, never in doubt. A team built to work together, grown from an understanding of the skills that people bring to the party. 

Does your organisation know your skills, what drives you, where you want to get to, and what floats your boat? 

If you are leading teams or organisations, how do you hone your leadership skills, and grow your teams to achieve their outcomes? 

There is no one answer to these questions but the starting point should always be the same, talk to your people and find out all of the above. Place them in the right environment, coach and mentor and do that again, switch coaches, switch mentors, encourage teams to mentor each other in different circumstances, then do that again. 

Look at your values, and encourage discussion, are they right, do they need refreshing, do you all live them out in your everyday lives? 

Encourage the creative, the new, and the different. Work on being different, work on the environment, listen to the people on the ground, they are always right, then work on your culture a bit more. 

Live out the values, did I mention creative? Did I shout about skills in the right places? I think you get my picture. 

If you need help with your people planning, give us a shout, we’re here to help with your culture, your values, and your people.


Jo Pilgrim
Jo Pilgrim

Senior Consultant

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