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Our Partners


In January 2009 we were invited to be a partner in a Consortium tender lead by Wolverhampton College for the 2012 Inspiration project.


Sport Structures looked at using sport and health as a tool to move individuals throughout deprived areas within the West Midlands towards employment and volunteering.

This bid was successful and we became a delivery partner of the 2012 Inspiration for Progression and Participation.


Our successful delivery led to an increase in our lead partner inviting us to deliver a greater proportion of the programme. In September 2009 we were awarded the following areas to deliver for the Inspiration 2012 programme:

Strand 1 Personal Best - 76 and Strand 2 Leadership and Coaching - 46

Total: 122

We were so successful at delivering against our targets that we tripled the original contract and continued working towards the following targets.

Strand 1 Personal Best - 166 and Strand 2 Leadership and Coaching - 95

Total: 261

in September 2010 we delivered the Personal Best Programme in Birmingham. Over 60 candidates attended.

This was achieved through the high quality and imaginative delivery of the staff team and strong partnerships with the difficult communities we are working with.