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The Level 3 Senior Equine Groom is a practical, hands-on programme where provide for and coordinate the day-to-day care of the horses in the workplace. The Level 3 Senior Equine Groom apprenticeship is approximately 21 months in duration (18 months training and 3 months EPA) and covers the key competencies required to successfully work as a groom, under supervision on an equine yard.

*Note we only offer the riding and non-riding specialised routes for this apprenticeship.

Primary roles of a Senior Equine Groom apprentice:

The Senior Equine Groom is an integral part in the life of the horse, providing essential day-to-day care. They will possess all the necessary skills to lead by example and will have the knowledge required to implement effective systems relating to the running of the yard. They will be capable of organising and monitoring the quality of work and ordering and maintaining supplies. They will be capable of offering advice, support and guidance to their team, whilst possessing appropriate people skills necessary for the dressage and wider equine sector.

The Senior Equine Groom will have a sound knowledge of horse anatomy and physiology and the ability to assess and promote health. They will be able to recognise and treat common minor injuries and ailments. They will be capable of presenting horses to a high standard and can demonstrate the skills required to groom, plait and clip horses.

Delivery Outline:

Training is delivered by our team of qualified tutors at your workplace or another suitable venue and remote sessions as required. Learners are supported to achieve the Community Activator Coach apprenticeship criteria via the use of support resources and optional e-learning modules.

If required, learners will also be supported by their tutor to gain Level 1 or 2 Functional Skills in English and Maths.

At a Glance


Approx. 21 months


Fills a skills gap at a reduced training and recruitment cost.


Available to new and existing employees

Receive a £1000 grant for apprentices aged 16-18.

Programme Outcomes

For employers

The Level 3 Senior Equine Groom apprenticeship is designed to develop the key competencies required for individuals to look after an equine yard and supervise a team of workers in the management of the horses.

For learners

Individuals will gain the knowledge and skills required to look after an quine yard. This will include implementing effective systems relating to the running of the yard and monitoring the quality of work and management of supplies.


Apprenticeship Plan


Teaching & Learning

Ongoing Assessment of KSBs

Tracking of Progress & OTJ Training

Internal Quality Assurance

Gateway Submission

End Point Assessment

Completion & Certification

Contract Requirements and Training Costs

  • An apprentice must be contracted to at least 30 hours per week
  • An apprentice’s contract of employment must cover the length of the apprenticeship
  • A minimum of 6 hours a week of an apprentice’s contracted time must be allocated to ‘off-the-job’ training
  • An apprentice must be paid at least the minimum apprenticeship wage in their first year of learning
  • Apprentices aged 19+ must be paid at least the minimum wage for their age group in their second year of learning
  • Dependent on company size and apprentice age a contribution to training costs may be required
  • Dependent on age and wage contributions to an apprentice’s pension and national insurance may be required.


  • Potential for training costs to be 95%-100% funded
  • Receive a £1000 grant for apprentices aged 16-18
  • Available to new and existing employees
  • Develops a proactive, skilled and motivated workforce
  • Awards workforce with an industry recognised qualification as added value
  • Improves Maths and English skills if required.

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