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In 2020, Sport Structures was commissioned to conduct a review of the Equality Standards for Sport on behalf of the Sports Councils Equality Group. The first phase was a 16-year in-depth retrospective review of a programme that began in 2004. 

A Sector-wide Consultation 

Following this, we conducted a sector-wide consultation of nearly 100 organisations. Our facilitative research style aimed to understand what the sector needed as a development tool that could create sustainable change and impact in organisations to tackle inequalities and achieve diverse representation and inclusive practice.

A Need for a New Model and Framework

Our findings were clear - a new model and framework was required. We worked with the Home Nation Sports Councils to create options that would meet their agenda and the needs of the sector. Our recommendations led to Moving to Inclusion. 

Moving to Inclusion

We continue to work with the Sports Councils Equality Group to project manage Moving to Inclusion. We have taken this from review to concept to launch in September 2023. This includes the Moving to Inclusion hub website and framework.

The framework guides organisations in developing inclusive practice through self-reflection and continuous improvement. This programme aims to embed equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) through incorporating action planning, implementation, and review into an organisation’s everyday work. Moving to Inclusion is intended to drive meaningful change in practice, tackling inequalities, and leading to sustainable improvements in the representation, diversity, and positive inclusive experiences for leaders, the wider workforce, and participants.


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