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: Simon Kirkland

Today seizes the remarkable 17-year celebration of our very own Kath Percival here at Sport Structures. However, amid this celebration, we announce that Kath is leaving us for nine months to go on maternity leave to welcome a new addition to her family in February. 👶🏻🍼🥳

Progressing through the years, Kath has taken on several roles such as Coaching Case Manager, leading the development of running Coach Education on behalf of governing bodies - a mission we continue to uphold. Subsequently, she led our Strategic development and, most recently, acted as Managing Director. In this capacity, Kath has implemented sound systems and processes to strengthen the company's foundation as we continue to grow. As an expert coach, educator and safeguarding lead, Kath successfully gained a 'Good' through the Ofsted process. 


As Kath embarks on her maternity leave, we anticipate the absence of her happy, smiling face and the constant positive energy she brings to the company for the next nine months. We extend our warmest wishes to Kath, and her husband James, during this exciting time. 

The whole staff team joins together in wishing Kath well and we are sure that those who have had the privilege of experiencing her professionalism and high-quality work are sure to echo these sentiments.