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: Ross Szabo

The Qualification Achievement Rates (QAR) have been released for all apprenticeship providers for the 2022/23 funding year and we’ve hit 77.5% against an industry average of 54.6%, ranking us 131st out of 1,119 providers!

QAR essentially calculates how many apprentices you enrolled and how many of them achieved their apprenticeship. There are some instances where apprentices may have to leave their apprenticeship early but with a positive outcome e.g. a promotion or moving company that may negatively impact the QAR data, and also instances of low apprentice numbers at a provider may also skew the data. However, generally, the QAR rates are a fairly good indicator for providers on how well they are doing operationally; that is setting clear expectations at the start, delivering a high-quality training programme and ensuring the apprentices are prepared to achieve at their end point assessment. 

The government have an ambition to reach 67% achievement rates by the end of 2024/25 and we’re certainly in the minority of providers, including those working within our sector, who are currently achieving that. A full breakdown of the achievement rates can be found here ( where you can filter by apprenticeship standard for example to get a more detailed comparison against other providers. 

Ross Szabo, our Senior Apprenticeship Manager commented: “It’s a pleasure to be working with sport and physical activity organisations and the QAR rates are further evidence that we are offering a high-quality service and making a positive impact. It’s a privilege to work with all the amazing staff in our team and we wouldn’t be able to achieve anything without the dedication and support they give to our apprentices and employers day in and day out. In a wider apprenticeship sector that has struggled with achievement rates since the move to standards, we’re really proud of this achievement and will use it as extra motivation to continue driving these high standards and ultimately to make a difference in the sport and physical activity sector.”   

If you are a sport and physical activity organisation and you want to learn more about the apprenticeships we offer to support your workforce development then get in touch here.