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: Lucy Wallbank

We are proud to announce that Sport Structures has been awarded the top grade of "Enhancing" by CIMSPA for Education after an intensive quality assurance inspection. This significant recognition reflects our firm commitment to providing the highest quality education and training within the sport and physical activity sector.

Cimspa's Chief Strategy Officer, Spence Moore said "I am thrilled that the dedication, hard work and perseverance of our partners at Sports Structures have truly paid off with this accomplishment. We are looking forward to continuing our work with the amazing team on driving up the standards of education and apprenticeships in the Sport & Physical sector."

Following a similar approach to Ofsted's school grading system, CIMSPA has implemented a new quality assurance framework. This initiative ensures complete transparency for the public, allowing them to easily gauge the quality standards upheld by individual training providers. After a comprehensive evaluation, CIMSPA grants one of three distinct quality levels to its endorsed providers:

·        Enhancing – the most prestigious and highest possible CIMSPA trust mark of quality which reflects the provision of the highest quality education (this is what Sport Structures have been awarded!)

·        Enabling – indicates there are some areas of positive practice but some support will be needed from CIMSPA to develop the provider further.

·        Emerging – relates to a provision that has some potential but requires support from CIMSPA. Such a provider will be set improvement actions by CIMSPA.

The CIMSPA report acknowledged several key strengths of our educational offerings, including:

  • Learner-Centric Approach: We are dedicated to providing a learner-centric experience, and the report commended our efforts. It stated that "the education partner provides learners the opportunity to offer feedback around the provision and learner experience. Learner feedback is encouraged and collected in two ways: Internal through end-of-course surveys and External Google reviews." We actively encourage feedback through these channels, allowing us to continuously improve our offerings. Noting that “Sport Structures takes all feedback seriously, as evidenced by their recent changes in pre-course information distribution based on learner feedback." This dedication to continuous improvement guarantees a consistently positive learning experience.
  • Future-focused learning: "The education provider provides opportunities for future learning and employment progression. Learners benefit from a range of qualifications and courses, and the next steps are highlighted upon course signup. Sport Structures often work with foundations/employers to create bespoke training packages that allow them to think of long-term achievement both in terms of their employees and the business/ community."
  • Inclusive Learning Environment: "The education partner adopts an inclusive approach to the accessibility of its education, and led the development of their endorsed product to ensure accessibility for a range of learning needs."
  • Ethical Marketing Practices: Maintaining the highest ethical standards is important to us. The report confirmed that "the education partner markets their endorsed training provision with truth and accuracy. Sport Structures that are endorsed with CIMSPA are marketed accurately." We are proud to be recognised for our ethical marketing practices.

Our Founder and Director, Simon Kirkland expressed: “When I set up the company nearly 22 years ago I wanted it to be a company that offered excellent high-quality services that enhanced the sector and this accreditation makes me feel very proud and recognise the hard work of the senior leaders: Kath Percival, Ross Szabo, Amy Bryant, Colin Geenes and Jo Pilgrim and their respective teams, our challenge now is to strive further to exceed where we are now.” This recent accolade, alongside our 'good' rating from Ofsted for apprenticeships, further showcases our firm commitment to providing high-quality learning experiences across all our programmes.

About Sport Structures

As a leading provider of education and training within the sport and physical activity sector, we offer a comprehensive range of courses and qualifications, all delivered by experienced and qualified professionals. We are committed to providing our learners with the highest quality education and training and are proud to be recognised by both CIMSPA and Ofsted for our resolute commitment to excellence.