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: Lucy Wallbank | Duncan Donelly

Star Spirit's Dance and Cheerleading Level 2 Community Activator Coach, Molly Daly has surpassed expectations by earning a well-deserved distinction at EPA.

Molly's journey was not without its challenges, including a break in learning, but undeterred, she courageously resumed her studies navigating through the obstacles with determination and resilience. Reflecting on her journey, Molly shared "After my apprenticeship being disrupted by a learning break, I was quite nervous starting my learning again and eventually doing my EPA. My tutor made me feel comfortable even though I had a lot to catch up on. I received lots of support to complete my assignments and prepare for EPA." 

The apprenticeship focuses on Community Activator Coaching, a role that plays a crucial part in promoting physical activity and well-being within communities. Molly's accomplishment sheds light on the often-overlooked world of dance and cheerleading, showcasing the dedication and skill required in this dynamic sector.

Molly expressed her gratitude, stating "Receiving a distinction at EPA was a fantastic surprise and a huge boost to my confidence. Many thanks to my employer, tutor, and Sport Structures." This recognition not only highlights Molly's triumph but also highlights the significance of this sector in the realm of fitness and well-being. 

Inspiring the Next Generation: Molly Daly's Success as a Catalyst

Molly's inspiring journey is poised to motivate aspiring coaches and bring attention to the immense opportunities available in dance and cheerleading, adding a new dimension to the ever-evolving landscape of the physical activity sector. 

This collective celebration encapsulates the success story of Molly Daly, a testament to the collaborative efforts of the apprentice, employer, training provider, and EPAO, showcasing the true essence of apprenticeships at work.

Apprenticeship Tutor, Duncan Donelly said "Molly’s apprenticeship success has not just been one of work-based and academic commitment. She has had to show a great deal of determination and resilience to overcome a break in her learning that necessitated a need to access additional support and learning from her tutor and training provider. Her motivation to catch up and access her EPA is a great example to any apprentice. The adaptable nature of her apprenticeship allowed Sport Structures to reintegrate her back onto her apprenticeship after a break in learning and support her to a well-deserved distinction at EPA. Well done, Molly."