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Our Partners


We are delighted to announce that we have been contracted by Norwich City community sports foundation to train 27 apprentices who are an important part of their community education workforce.


The Community Sports Foundation's apprentices will be completing the Level 3 PE & School Sport apprenticeship equipping them with the knowledge and understanding of the national curriculum and physical education for them to work successfully in their local schools. Each of the 27 apprentices will be assigned a designated tutor who will be there to provide support and guidance throughout their apprenticeship journey with Sport Structures. The tutor is also responsible for building a productive working relationship with the employer to ensure that the apprenticeship programme enhances the work of the Community Sports Foundation not getting in the way of the day to day business.

We are also providing senior staff training for five of the management team in the Level 4 Education and Training which will enable them to become more effective trainers of the staff and also deliver qualifications in the future. 


We have always delivered our apprenticeship programme in a flexible and learner centred manner; constantly looking for ways we can develop and improve our apprenticeship programmes. So far we have predominately worked with private coaching providers but we are being approached more and more by professional sports organisations.