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As part of the overall evaluation of the Park Life project it was felt necessary to conduct a separate evaluation of the Bull Farm referral scheme. In order to seek feedback from participants on the scheme. Sport Structures were commissioned to undertake qualitative evaluation of the scheme’s successes and challenges.


The qualitative evaluation was conducted through a focus group session with five participants from the scheme.

The focus group aimed to provide an environment where participants were able to build on one another's responses and come up with discussion points which were more comfortable in a group setting. The focus group discussion was administered for approximately 90 minutes and included a variety of facilitative aspects to ensure participants maintained engagement with the process. A digital audio recording was produced from which a transcript was used to inform the analysis and to allow further review of discussions.


Overall the group provided positive discussion on the Bull Farm scheme and welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the evaluation through participating in the focus group.

This evaluation was used as part of the overall evaluation of the Park Life project and will supported arguments for continuation funding beyond the end of 2007/08.