Equality Standards for Sport Review: Comprehensive Review on behalf of the Sports Councils Equality Group

In 2020, Sport Structures was commissioned to conduct a review of the Equality Standards for Sport on behalf o…

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Lucy Wallbank | Duncan Donelly:

Star Spirit's Community Activator Coach Apprentice Shines in Physical Activity Sector

Star Spirit's Dance and Cheerleading Level 2 Community Activator Coach, Molly Daly has surpassed expectations …

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Jo Pilgrim:

Transgender in sport inclusion

Transgender in sports inclusion often starts an interesting debate on who can compete and what is seen to be f…

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Rebecca Gibson:

The Strategic Power of People-Centric Change in Sports and Fitness

We often use the phrase at Sport Structures ‘It is all about people!’. The sport, physical activity and fitnes…

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Amy Bryant:

Education and Training is Shaping the Future!

Providing education and training opportunities for the sport and physical activity sector may be the focus of …

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Mark Knight :

Navigating the Coaching Journey: The Crucial Role of Continuous Professional Development

“You can get qualified quickly but you can’t get good quickly”

I’ve heard this statement a few times through m…

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